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"Joan Burge is a tour de force in the world of business and Executive Assistants. Her new book The Executive's Competitive EDGE strikes at the immense value and importance of this role. A must read for Executives and EAs alike!"
Daren Martin, PhD
The Culture Architect, Global Speaker, and Author

Insightful and Practical Advice

“The Executive’s Competitive Edge is full of insightful and practical advice for taking the relationship between the Executive and the Executive Assistant to a whole new level. I especially found the advice on building trust and effective delegation super inspiring – especially given all we have experienced during the pandemic. Joan and James do a wonderful job of describing the process of building this critical relationship from their unique perspective – so many executives I know would benefit from their coaching tips. I am fortunate to have an amazing Executive Assistant, who recommended the book to me. I am excited to work with her to continue to improve our relationship and impact on the business!”
Maureen Montgomery
Global Product Supply HR and Corporate Function, Procter & Gamble

Relevant Read for Building a Successful Partnership

"I love how this book provides guidance and real-world scenarios on the importance of the executive and executive assistant’s business partnership. Having a strong EA has benefited me in so many ways: ensuring that my calendar reflects my current priorities being mindful of how I spend my time, keeping me on track financially by having a second set of eyes on purchase orders, expense reports and invoices, and also acting as my PA addressing personal appointments and my family calendar. My EA also acts as my sounding board, and I am able to share ideas and gain input that helps me focus on the important things in our organization. There are so many ways my EA enhances my life, both professionally and personally, and I could not have the efficiency and peace of mind if I did not have the business partnership we have in place. This book is definitely a relevant read for any executive or executive assistant looking to build a successful partnership together. Thank you, Joan and James!"
Karen Walker
SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Intel Corporation

Great Advice on How to Look at the Partnership in New and Powerful Ways

"A clear outline on the power of the Executive Assistant and a clear representation on how to make this partnership work. I have had an amazing experience in working with my Executive Assistant partner for the last 10 years. This book is a great roadmap to not only build that partnership but to look at the partnership in new and powerful ways. A strong Executive Assistant can be a clear game changer in an executive’s success. Investing time in making this work is time well spent."
Maurice DuPas
VP Customer Experience, Cisco Systems

A Book That Educates and Inspires Executives

"There could be no better time for Joan Burge’s new book, The Executive's Competitive Edge than now. There could be no better person to co-author this book than Joan Burge. My own career spans four decades of consulting and search in the executive support specialty area.

As Joan and James so eloquently explain, the most successful leaders I have met all know that the “secret sauce” for the development of the highest level of productivity is having the right Executive Assistant. Many executives do not know why or how to create and maintain an effective partnership with an Executive Assistant. They do not know what is possible. Richard Branson, when interviewed about his success, was asked what was the most valuable technology that he relied on, did not miss a beat when he said, “My great Executive Assistant.”

This book will illuminate, educate, inspire executives to understand the exponential leveraging of focus, productivity, and success that is available for those who partner with the right Executive Assistant. They will learn why and how it is possible. I highly recommend The Executive’s Competitive Edge as a “must read” for leaders who want to change and grow… their capacity and their achievement."
Leni Miller
President EASearch, LLC

Powerful Argument for
Hiring an EA

"An excellent EA as a productivity hack is not something I’ve considered previously. Coming from the tech space, I have always found comfort in ‘there’s an app for that.’ In reality, I have spent countless hours researching, learning, and maintaining my ‘productivity tools.’ Throughout The Executive’s Competitive Edge, Joan and James give multi-generational examples of how the EA role has evolved from screening calls and booking travel to having a true strategic partner; an extension of yourself who allows you to focus on the mission-critical tasks of a business leader. If you’ve been putting off hiring an executive assistant, this book makes a powerful argument to make it a priority. "
Brad Johnson
Startup Executive/Entrepreneur

Remarkable Book Dispels Myths About Roles

"Joan Burge and James Bristow have written a remarkable book that reveals the secrets of building a strategic partnership between an executive and executive assistant. Along the way, they dispel myths about the roles and cast a vision for what today’s Exec/EA partnership is capable of becoming. If you’re looking for a guide full of insightful and savvy best practices, this book is an essential read!"
Don Harms
Founder /CEO of Emmre

Outstanding Book Will Change the Way You Think

"The Executive’s Competitive Edge is an impressive and wide-ranging work from gifted writers. The authors, Joan Burge and James Bristow, confirmed that “they had an important message to deliver,” and they have done so. Their arguments are persuasive, while they provide several confirming examples which address Executive and Executive Assistant strategic instincts.

This outstanding book, distinguished by clarity of detail, will change the way we think about the Executive/Executive Assistant relationship and its contribution to business success. The authors have removed the ambiguity that continues to exist in how the Executive/Executive Assistant business partnership is perceived. The Executive’s Competitive Edge looks at the biases and misconceptions that affect how the Executive Assistant role is perceived and is instructive in revitalizing these careers. The challenge, opportunity, and clear advantage for the Executive is to reimagine the Executive Assistant role.

The critical questions addressed in this book make explicit the understanding of the context of this role. Most noteworthy are Joan’s summaries of Executive Assistant significance as it relates to Executives’ strategic management. This book educates executives in how to become better at managing the unique combination of the Executive and Executive Assistant relationship. The authors have devised entirely new ways of structuring this relationship, illustrated by unique objectives and initiatives.

Joan’s excellent discussion of Executive and Executive Assistant relationships distinguishes the human interaction and demonstrates the power of competency that aligns with the right fit between this team. Assistants are validated and acknowledged for their vitality, creativity, and genius in support of their roles. Joan confirms that Assistants help Executives to “achieve their goals.”

James’ message to Executives is “I do not know that you should spend time worrying about the power your Executive Assistant has. You should just embrace it.” This type of executive vision and action identifies successful, high-performing Executives, and is a key element that will prove critical to their performance. This successful approach prevents Executives from getting caught up in day-to-day minutiae, while their Assistants take the lead and invest in broad strategy to help to guide decisions and direct solutions that support executive vision.

Congratulations to the authors: Your analysis and recommendations are well established, transformative, and profound."
Melba J. Duncan
President, The Duncan Group

Captive Dialogue Between Two Leaders

“The Executive’s Competitive Edge is a captive dialogue between two professional leaders who have truly mastered the art of executive delegation, which most leaders struggle to perfect. In mastering this skill, Joan and James have successfully harmonized the coexistence of work, life, and family.”
Brian Kirkpatrick
President Universal Engineering Sciences

A Roadmap to Success

"Joan Burge and James Bristow have written a remarkable book that reveals the secrets of building a strategic partnership between an executive and executive assistant. Along the way, they dispel myths about the roles and cast a vision for what today’s Exec/EA partnership is capable of becoming. If you’re looking for a guide full of insightful and savvy best practices, this book is an essential read!"
Angelina Galindo
Business Coach, Galindo Group

Insightful Information Provides Practical Advice

"The Executive’s Competitive Edge is a must-read for executives to better understand and utilize the skills of their executive assistants and how executive assistants can take their expertise to the next level.

Starting my career as an executive assistant and now as an executive, I know firsthand the importance of creating a team on both sides. And Joan Burge and James Bristow define the true meaning of team building through their own experiences.

This insightful information provides good practical advice and “gems” for up-and-coming as well as experienced executives and executive assistants."
Teresa Peters
President, Stanton Partners
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