The Executive's Competitive Edge

Managing the complexities of today’s business world is a huge challenge—the solution may be right in front of you.

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The Executive's Competitive Edge Book

A Must-Read for Successful Executives


Every facet of an Executive’s work demands their singular attention: business development, client satisfaction, company objectives, and complex concerns. Adaptive flexibility can provide traction, but more reinvention is needed to handle it all. Executives and business owners need a strategic partner to help them mitigate risk, communicate impactfully, manage change, and get the job done. Executives need to harness the power of an Executive Assistant.

There is no greater relationship in the workplace than that of an Executive and their Assistant.

Joan Burge

The Book

37 Meets 69 and an Idea Is Born

After meeting at an internationally recognized CEO Peer Advisory Group, Joan and James realized they shared similar viewpoints on the importance of successfully teaming with their Executive Assistants to become more effective leaders. They thought it would be great to collaborate on a book to share best practices and multi-generational viewpoints—at the writing of this book, James is 37 and Joan is (a young) 69—to help other Executives learn these tried-and-true principles.

Their goals for this book and for you are:

Show you why you need an Executive Assistant

Teach you how to leverage the time and talents of an Executive Assistant (new or established relationship)

Merge multi-generational best practices

Help up-and-coming Executives see how to bridge timeless success practices with new-world thought

Establish a mindset that allows your Executive Assistant to grow into your strategic business partner

Joan and James approached the writing of this book as a conversation, sharing their thought leadership as CEOs about how to get more done by leveraging their Executive Assistants as strategic partners. You will read their direct thoughts and best practices, along with stories, examples, how-to instructions, and visuals to highlight major points.

Six Parts

 These are the critical pieces that will give you the edge!


Why You Need an
Executive Assistant




Building a
Strategic Partnership


How to Maximize the Time and
Talents of an Executive Assistant


Why You Need to Invest in
Professional Development


Looking for a
Star Performer

“I wish someone would have told me much sooner that with a great Executive Assistant, I could reach and serve more people. With an Executive Assistant who grows into a Strategic Partner, Executives can exponentially increase impact. The fact that I wished somebody had told me that story sooner led me to want to share this with other Executives.”

James Bristow
You've Got Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

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Managing the complexities of today’s business world is a huge challenge—the solution may be right in front of you.

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