Coaching for Executives and
Executive Assistants

Coaching Bonds Executives and Assistants
Into Business Powerhouses

Modern executive and assistant teams regularly assess and fine-tune their processes to harness the power of synergy and develop business connection—meaning that, together, they achieve far more than each would independently.

Coaching for executives and assistants provides specific, on-point assessment and training for solving issues, opening channels of communications, and increasing productivity. Coaching yields results in day-to-day operations.

“We interviewed several firms, and they all seemed to have trite ideas about how to enhance our working relationship and improve our outcomes. Joan’s framework for addressing the quality of the interactions was the culmination of years of experience in being an Executive Assistant and then providing coaching to executives and assistants in some of the more prominent companies in the country.”

– Jim P. Hackett, Former President and CEO, Steelcase

Coaching Outcomes for the
Executive & Executive Assistant

Approaching the day and business as strategic partners

Future-focused planning

Streamlined processes

Exceptional levels of trust

Create more value together

Compensate for each other’s gap areas

Intentional communications

Depend on each other to achieve results

Reduced stress

More focused priorities

Greater job satisfaction

Clarified expectations

Coaching Options

Private Coaching Executive & EA

Private 2-day assessment and coaching session onsite with the executive and the executive assistant hones in on the particular needs of that executive/EA partnership, followed by 30-, 60-, and 90-day conference calls or video chat to assess progress.

Small Group Executives Only

Training for a small group of executives teaching them how to maximize the talents and time of their executive assistants and how to move from teamwork to a strategic partnership.

Executives & Assistants Small Group

Small group training for executives and their assistants in a workshop setting, teaching them how to be a stellar team through a program entitled, Executives and Assistants Working In Partnership™

Large Group Executives & Assistants

Meeting with a large group of executive/assistant teams to assess team processes and interactions, identify specific areas for improvement, and increase productivity by 25% or greater.

Private Coaching Project Stages


Identification and Confirmation of Needs and Objectives


Development of Plan and Timeline for the Project


Letter of Agreement/Approval




Execution Plan for the Executive and Executive Assistant


Project Evaluation


Follow-up Conference or Video Calls with Coach (30, 60, and 90 days)

Past Clients

“Joan’s coaching has greatly helped us be more focused, better balanced, and more productive. Because of Joan’s broad and deep experience from working on both sides of the desk, she has a true understanding of each party’s perspectives and expectations.”

David S. Forrester, President, Forrester Construction Company

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